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Bo Jin Investments is a company based in Norway which subjects to the strictest regulation of the country. This guarantees our valued clients on the legitimacy of the company and transparency of all its transactions.

Our team is a group of professionals who have gained ample experience and knowledge, carefully selected to handle specific sections in the company. We always make sure that the people we hire are packed with skills, intelligence, and the ability to see outside the box in ensuring the success of all our projects.

All of our projects are professionally built by our expert property developers and meticulously inspected by our top inspectors to make sure that the quality of all our projects have met the highest standard.


We strive to provide all aspiring investors the equal chance to earn from 6.5% up to 12% interest of a minimum investment rate of 100 USD. We, at Bo Jin Investments, believe that by providing first-rate opportunities, everyone could become successful.


Bo Jin Investments gives everyone the opportunity to participate in high-quality, secure and competitive investments with the assurance that every project has been strictly pre-screened, with full disclosure and ranked with our proprietary & objective rating scheme.